Reclaim Life Testimonials 


Chiropractic Testimonials

“I was in excruciating back pain, which started in my lower back and traveled down to my ankles. I could lay flat, but any other movement sent me into horrible pain. I had to hold onto the walls of my house just to take a few steps. I really had doubts that a chiropractor could help me. I assumed my problem was too severe. Right now I feel fantastic and it only took three weeks of treatment. My pain is gone. I have returned to normal activities, knowing that not only is my pain addressed, but also the underlying cause of the pain. Dr. Biondillo quickly identified the issue with my spine and the course of treatment. Treatment progressed just the way Dr. B described!” – Mercedes B

This is the best place ever. I haven’t ever gone to a chiropractor until now. I don’t know if they are all the same, but going to Dr. B and his staff has made me wish I had gone years ago. I suffered for no reason! I was in pain 24/7 with my neck and now it’s only moments thanks to Dr. B and Brittany the massage therapist. They are a great team!! Recommend them highly!” -Maria V

“Great staff and Dr Biondillo is a wonderful informative Dr. I was always told my scoliosis could only be helped with surgery. He has enlightened me on how I can alleviate the pain and help correct the curve with certain stretches and exercises”. – Tina P

“Dr. Biondillo is fantastic…he truly cares about his patients as does the entire staff at Balanced Bodywork Clinic. The place is always very well kept and clean and the environment is cool and calm. Dr. B is very knowledgeable. I go to see him for adjustments before CrossFit workouts and he also tapes up my knees, shoulders, wrists, etc. for optimal performance. Great place, highly recommended.” – Dan S

“I was referred to Dr. Biondillo by a family friend due to severe headaches that lingered for several years. The thought of going to a chiropractor initially scared me but Dr. Biondillo took the time to listen and explain the entire process. Currently I go once per week and my headaches are gone. I would highly recommend Anthony and Balanced Bodywork Clinic!” – Nancy M

“Neck issues much better! Husband’s back issues getting better. Friendly staff!” – Robin H

“Dr. Biondillo was very helpful curing my neck problems. He listened to my problems, conducted a thorough examination and immediately implemented a corrective action plan. Now I feel great and have started to use his massage services which are wonderful too!” – Robin H